The term ergonomic is derived from the Greek word “Ergon” meaning work and “Nomos” meaning laws, it is combined as “laws of work”. A good ergonomic design facilitates a human to adapt to a working environment without any hindrances.

             Ergonomic office furniture is designed to ensure better and healthy working conditions in a workplace. Office furniture is supposed to be the essentials that support the workers to bring out their maximum efforts. Every business touches the flag of success with the best employees and their best shots.

             Ergonomic chairs are gaining popularity by their attractive features to adapt to an individual’s requirements in a working environment. Such furniture is specially designed to maintain harmony with the curvature and the body shape of the human body so that it could ensure maximum comfort and health of the one who uses it. Ergonomic furniture is suitable for users who tends to spend a lot of time at work whether at the office or home.

         Ergo chairs emerged in the year 1976 after two years’ experiment by Bill Stumpf at the request of Herman Miller to apply his research in developing a user-friendly chair. It was the first chair in the history of Ergonomic chairs that provides sustainable physical comfort. The new style of Ergonomic chairs consist of three main features; 

1. Adjustable lumbar support: – An Ergonomic chair with lumbar support provides one to sit properly in the ears, shoulder and pelvis in a straight line. 

2. Adjustable armrests: – An Ergonomic chair needs to provide adjustable armrests because they give support to the upper body and reduce the strain for the shoulder and neck, which is helpful for an individual to focus on work other than wasting time on other distractions.

3. Adjustable height: – An Ergonomic chair need to provide the facility of adjustable height so that people of different body features can adjust the height of the chair to rest their feet on the floor.

Ergonomic chairs are one of the best parts of ergonomic office furniture. A worker needs to make sure of his health at work which depends mainly on his seating positions and arrangements. Ergonomic chairs support the spine, which will prevent the health problems from becoming severe and help to maintain a good working atmosphere without any health issues.

                Ergonomic office furniture includes mainly ergonomic office chairs and ergonomic tables which help the workers to adjust the height according to their height and preference.

          Office workers are supposed to sit in a straight line that includes hands, forearms, and wrists which should also be parallel to the floor. Ergonomic furniture is best for accomplishing these requirements of every worker. One should sit feet on the floor for proper blood circulation and posture, which is firmly possible with ergonomic office furniture.

       Ergonomic chairs are more helpful for the worker than the traditional ones in many ways. Traditional chairs provide limited adjustability whereas ergonomic chair supports peoples’ spine that reduces the chances of back pain and other health issues. It helps to maintain a perfect height and posture. Ergonomic chairs also ease the worker to move from one table to another one without interrupting the task he is carrying out.

 The newly emerged ergonomic chairs are helpful for not only the workers who use the computer, laptop and even mobile phone for their tasks but also for the men who spend their leisure time in gaming for relaxation.